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Massage To Go provides experienced affordable and flexible professional onsite treatment in your home or office. Keeping you focused on your health has never been easier. chiefessays.net theessayclub.com With today’s busy lifestyles it is not easy to get everything done in a nine to five schedule. Demanding careers and family priorities result in many Canadians being overworked and suffering from physical exhaustion leading to physical dysfunction. For many people their health is the first thing to be overlooked. With Massage To Go time does not have to be a deciding factor in your overall health.


What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain, Massage Therapy Act 1991.

“Someone who is dealing with stress will typically have high stress levels in their body. They are stress hormones, if you want to put it that way. Massage therapy effects dopamine release (and just touch in general) leaves you feeling cared for.” – Director of Information and Outreach at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy.

Not sure if Massage Therapy is right for you?

Feel free to Call or email us and one of our Registered Massage Therapists can answer your Massage Therapy related questions prior to booking your appointment.

Please contact us for details at 416-602-3830 or email us at; info@massagetogo.ca


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