Corporate Services

“A machine is only as good as its parts”

Your company depends on your employees, without them your business cannot function. Keeping your company thriving depends on the health of your employees.

How Can Corporate Massage Therapy & Programs Benefit Me and My Company?

Researchers have shown that regular incentives or on-site massage therapy increased productivity by decreasing absenteeism due to work related injuries. Repetitive strain injuries and stress related time sick days cost companies millions of dollars each year. Health care should never be a factor in your bottom line. Our team of massage therapists can arrive at your company on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, depending on the needs of your employees. Consult with us today to help you develop a cost and time efficient plan that works best for your company.


What Can We Expect at Our Office or Event?

With the use of Massage To Go Corporate Services, you can expect;

  • Highly trained staff not only in Massage Therapy but also in customer care
  • Equipment specific to your needs
  • Coordinated and professional attire
  • Clean, relaxed and comfortable environment
  • On-site coordinator to make sure your questions are answered
  • Early arrival that guarantees prompt start time
  • Polite well spoken and informative practitioners
  • Screening of employees to determine their needs
  • Very adaptable staff able to utilize experience for changing environments
  • Seamless integration at your event
  • Attention to detail, our practitioners are trained to pay attention to the small stuff
  • Well communicated home and office care tips that will help both the mental and physical well being and overall health of your staff
  • Staff with increased productivity and decreased absenteeism
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